Turtles in Halkidiki peninsula

If you have a tan, studied the village, enjoyed a variety of local dishes in taverns and visited a couple of excursions, you can take a trip to Halkidiki peninsula. The journey is not for the lazy! If you are ready to conquer the country roads, do not whine and will not turn back, then we'll set off on an amazing journey to the turtles.

Let us begin our journey! If you stand back to the channel (the narrowest point on the Kassandra peninsula), and look in the direction of NeaFokea, NeaPotidea, Afitos, Kallithea, Hanioti, Pefkohori resort villages you should see the painted turtle floating. You’ll turn uphill onto a dirt country road. It is wide good hard-packed road on which the vehicle will pass safely. You’ll see amazing views over the bay of the Aegean Toroneos and the tops of the olive and pine groves bordering with the village after climbing on the hill for 10-15 minutes.

We continue our way forward! You can see thick plastic bags with a thick liquid inside on some pines. What is it? Locals collect resin for resin wine. Did you already have time to try it out in local taverns? It has a specific taste and if you do not understand it the first time, it is worth trying more than once, because resin wine has a long history and is a part of Greek culture.

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Science as entertainmentin Noesis

You can organize an unusual and informative vacation in Thessaloniki and refresh your scientific knowledge during the holidays at the Noesis Technologies Museum. This pastime will be interesting both for children and their parents.

The first place to visit is planetarium. You can see films about secrets of the universe, twinkling stars and planets of the solar system, the Earth at a glance in planetarium. «Kosmotreatre» is widescreen cinema with the largest screen in Southeast Europe. You can watch educational films like «Dinosaurs», «Darwin and a mystery of nature» and others in the 2D and 3D movie format. Diving into the mysterious world of species that existed millions of years ago on our planet, will be an amazing adventure for the whole family.

You can visit a virtual reality simulator where the dynamic of the situation is accompanied by corresponding movement of the chairs. Thrill seekers will have a lot of fun. You can thus experience a breathtaking flight into fantasy worlds and on the seabed.

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Alternative tourism in Greece

This kind or recreation is not just a trend, it is a new philosophy of tourism. The main features that distinguish it from the traditional tourism are aesthetics, harmony with nature and the preservation of ecosystems. The main purpose of this kind of holiday is the approach to the natural and cultural environment of the country and development of rural areas.

Agritourism is developed in rural areas of Greece and is linked with the social, environmental and cultural values ​​of the region. It is an ideal choice for those who are tired of the urban pace and is looking for a more contacts with nature.

Greece opens the doors of traditional villages with rich natural environment, where you can see and participate in the traditional occupations of the Greeks, that are rare or practically impossible in an urban environment. You can participate in workshops about traditional bread making and sweets cooking, horse riding, walking in the woods and etc.The best tour that we recommend you is horse riding in Santorini, this tour operator greeceholidaytours.com include a photographer as well.


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